TIDRadio Baofeng Bluetooth Programmer Back in Stock.

TIDRadio Baofeng Bluetooth Programmer Back in Stock.

A few months ago I covered a handy little device, and it quickly sold out. You can view my old post here.

A lot of people have been asking across Youtube, Tiktok and here where can I get one?
Well they are finally back in stock, and I’m going to talk about them some below. But if you’re already convinced, you can grab one here. This is called the Tidradio BL-1 Bluetooth programmer. It will allow you to wirelessly program your Baofeng, and several other brand radios over Bluetooth with just an iphone or android cell phone.

TIDRADIO Bluetooth Programmer.

The Odmaster APP

So now you can program your radio on the go. One of my big gripes with my Baofeng UV-5R is the menu system. The TidRadio BL-1 Wireless programmer alleviates that issue. Mostly everything is done through an app on the phone, Odmaster. The app is straight forward, clean and simple.

ODmaster App screenshot
Screenshot of Odmaster App

Remote Programming

You can read the current frequencies from your radio, and then modify them as you like. You can also enable a remote programming feature which allows you to log into https://web.odmaster.net and use your computer to build you frequency sets. You can then access these and transmit them to your radio within the app.

Screenshot of the ODmaster Remote web Programming Interface.

These are the currently supported Baofeng radios, however there are many more brand available that you can see on their amazon listing.
UV-82, F8TD
88A(Beta), 88ST(Beta)
UV-5X, F8HP(Beta)

That pretty much sums things up. It’s an amazing little product, and Tidradio have done a great job with their back end. There’s a lot of functionality in these devices, and the odmaster app is very simple to use.
If you would like to order one of these programmers you can follow the link here 73!

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