Host your own FCC Ham Radio Database for Offline Use with HamDB

First, I want to give all credit for this blog post and script to this website(, and the ham who created it (K3NG). The only reason I am posting it here is to walk through the database installation portion, and show how the database can be expanded onto to include extra information, as well as add some more detailed documentation. […]

How to Secure your Packet BBS / BPQ32 or LinBPQ Instance

After some security research in the packet radio BBS communities, I noticed a major lack of best security practices. I wrote a blog post on it here if your curious. I pointed out WHY things are problematic in the cybersecurity field, and gave a few pointers. This post is a follow up that I can share with others that shows […]

BBS Botnet – The Packet Radio Cybersecurity Crisis in Ham Radio

Ham radio operators are generally technically inclined people. It takes a special person to take an interest in the electronic aspect of amateur radio stations. Combine this with the computer knowledge and passion it takes to develop the applications that often go along with the hobby, you wouldn’t think something as novel as cyber security would be an issue. But […]