JS8 – Like FT8, But more personal.

I’ve recently made a few videos on the digital mode js8. I say js8 is “like” ft8, because it offers very similar benefits in environments with weak propagation or high noise floors. But it brings back the personal connection that ft8 lacks. It also still includes some of those nice automated features that facilitate a QSO. Where FT8 Falls Short. […]

Discord Server Giveaway!

I’ll keep it simple. A lot of people have been asking about creating a ModernHam discord server. So now we have it.You can join here:https://discord.gg/hFEsTGQWJH We are also having a giveaway for those who enter from (6/10/2021) – (6/13/2021)If you would like to enter the giveaway, please go here:You must be a member of the discord to enter.https://themodernham.com/giveaway/discord-opening-giveaway/ Thanks to […]

Host a YSF Reflector on Debian Linux

A lot of guides follow the install on a raspberry pi. Today we will focus on installing a YSFReflector on Debian Linux. We will also cover installing the dashboard, and configuring PiStar to connect to your reflector, as well as registering your reflector online so others may join. Creating Sudo User First we need to create our super user. We […]