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JS8 – Like FT8, But more personal.

JS8 – Like FT8, But more personal.

I’ve recently made a few videos on the digital mode js8. I say js8 is “like” ft8, because it offers very similar benefits in environments with weak propagation or high noise floors. But it brings back the personal connection that ft8 lacks. It also still includes some of those nice automated features that facilitate a QSO.

Where FT8 Falls Short.

Don’t get me wrong, I love FT8. Being in an apartment it offers the ability for me to make contacts despite a high noise floor. I’m also all about awards and goals. I love the fact I can make one contact after another, and not worry about stopping to chit-chat about my setup with every operator I encounter. If you just want a contact, that’s what you get. No more, no less. But I know a lot of you out there find it boring. Void of life or connection. Let’s be honest, the computer does the work for us right? Having the PC exchange grids, SNRs and move on is not the most exciting. But that’s sorta what its made for right? This is where JS8 comes in.

JS8 brings the operator back into digital modes.

This is a new age of radio. If you like it or not, amateur radio is evolving.  More and more operators are using digital modes. JS8 isn’t the first to make a “text chat” style. PSK31, does the same thing, but faster. But JS8 gives things a nice modern refresh. If you’re one of the old school operators who just aren’t big fans of digital, this is the one you should imbrace. Even though it has several quality of life automated features, it allows operators to connect again in the age of FT8.

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