ModernHam is Back

With 2020 finally coming to a close, it seems like the year lasted forever. But while the coronavirus has wrecked havoc upon the world, it wasn’t so bad for my YouTube career. Being at home gave me the time to really focus on my YouTube channel, ModernHam, and tackle some projects I has put off for a while.

With that said, a little over half way through the year, my grind came to a halt and I was at the mercy of military orders with the National Guard. The break gave me some renewed vigor however, and I’m preparing to come back full force with the introduction of this blog. I’m not much a a writer, but hopefully these posts will become easier to read as time goes on.

What about the shop?

Yes the shop is still coming. Obviously I wont be meeting that deadline I promised several months ago, but I want to make sure the products that are put out are quality.

What comes next?

After discovering my HF antenna was practically ruined, and my twitter was suspended in my gone time for unknown reasons, it’s left me with a few pieces to pickup. I’ve been hard at work studying electronic engineering, so I hope to make more content on that. Also expect a cheap jump-start on the blog by going back, and doing write ups for old videos on the YouTube to get some early traffic. I don’t want to make any promises on live streams yet either, as it seems as my old digital interface is no longer working either.
But, expect a YouTube video coming this week!

If you are finding this blog without knowing of my YouTube, you can check it out here:

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